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Chief Organizing Officer

All About Polly Weaver

Polly Weaver was born to organize. It began immediately, almost literally from birth.
When she was just 6-months old, Polly’s mother returned to work, leaving her in the kind and capable care of her family’s beloved housekeeper, Ms. Mary Franklin. From that day forward, under Mary’s watchful eye, Polly’s fascination with organization and her talent for tidiness was nurtured and refined. Together, with episodes of “General Hospital” playing in the background, Mary taught Polly the finer points of cleaning, organizing and personalizing a home.


As a student with a natural finesse for organizing, one of Polly’s earliest memories was the
day when she, at four years old, decided to surprise Mary by revealing to her that she had made
her bed, all by herself. Mary was both impressed and charmed by the gesture, which made it all the
more difficult when she reminded Polly that it was Wednesday and Wednesdays are sheet-changing day! Crestfallen, Polly implored Mary not to unmake the bed, just this once. But rules were rules.
Her first work of organizational art was undone. The lesson only strengthened her resolve to continue her quest for organizational excellence, even on Wednesdays! Since then, her bed has been made every morning – even during her high-school and college years.


Today, Polly and her team of expert organizers bring that same sense of resolve and dedication to every project CalmYourShelves tackles. Let them bring it to yours, too.

Polly, In A Nutshell

Organizes her spice rack in alphabetical order
Sorts her clothes by color, then by sleeve- or pant length

Arranges her shoes by color, then by heel height
Has a passion for her family, her faith, her friends, kindness,
containers, dogs, tennis, and Chardonnay!

One Of Polly's Core Philosophies:

“You do not HAVE TO get rid of ANYTHING if you don’t want to”. Let’s organize it so you find what’s in there.

We Go Above & Beyond


Polly and her team are 100% committed to bending over backwards, forward, and sideways in order to ensure that the results of every project exceed expectations and go above and beyond the call of duty.

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