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We'll Pacify It.

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Calm Your Shelves.

Simplify Your Life.

We calm down clutter and spruce up spaces. We’re professional home organizers who don’t just bring harmony, grace and balance to your home, we do it all with our own unique sense of style, efficiency and expertise.

Contact us today for a no-stress, no-strings assessment. We’ll get back to you with an ideal plan for clean living. 



No matter what size your organizing project, from large to small to somewhere in between, Calm Your Shelves offers a streamlined pricing structure that perfectly suits every conceivable need. We service clients located within a 30-mile radius of The Dallas Galleria. For projects outside our service area, a nominal travel fee will be added to the estimate.

At a Thrifty Sixty, Its Pretty Nifty
Even Our Pricing Is Clean & Simple

Our project pricing is simple, straightforward, and easy. Calm Your Shelves offers $60 per-hour pricing on all our organizing services. Just $60 per hour for any room, any size project.

They're Completely On The House
Complimentary Client Consultations

Polly and her team will provide you with a FREE, half-hour consultation, on site or over the phone, to review the scope and scale of your organizing project. We’ll evaluate your needs, and create a plan of action that best reaches your goals.

Everyone Loves A Compliment 
Kudos From Our Clients

“Polly assembled a five-star team to completely unpack, organize and bring a needed sigh of relief when I moved into my new home. She was cool and calm while the movers and final construction was being completed. Polly has since helped several friends of mine with varying projects and we all agree that five-stars aren’t enough for her.”

– Heather T., Dallas, Texas

"First and foremost, before I get to the work Polly does, I must talk about her beautiful heart. Our family had recently suffered an unimaginable and traumatic loss. A friend suggested that we needed someone to come in and help us get organized and enjoy a change in scenery and she suggested Polly. My friend or I didn’t realize it at the time, but Polly was the perfect person to help us. She understood the sensitivity of our situation and took special care as we made the “give,” “keep,” “trash” piles. It was exactly what we needed. Now to Polly’s work. She's absolutely outstanding. She has a eye for design and organizing and can see how things can come together well before I could see it. I appreciate all the work Polly did and I look forward to working with her again!"

– Julia Wiener, Dallas, Texas

"Polly is a very special individual who has this incredible gift for organizing solutions. She helped prepare me for a move from Dallas recently. During this stressful time, she was supportive, nonjudgemental and very sensitive to my needs. I am so grateful to know her. Highly recommend!"

– B.J. Ellis, El Paso, Texas

“Polly changed my life!  Her kind, energetic, cheerful, and non-judgmental approach as an organizer makes every session fun and productive.  Highly recommend!!”

– Suzie B., Dallas, Texas

"Polly is simply amazing and a miracle worker!  Reliable, creative, and so much fun to work with, we are so thankful that we found Polly.  She came to us after a stressful move.  She helped us unpack and organize our space in such a smart and meaningful way.  Her ideas were fantastic and, thanks to her help, we are able to really enjoy our space.  We highly recommend Polly for any organization project.  She is the best!"

– Giselle Gafford, Dallas, Texas


Chief Organizing Officer

All About Polly Weaver

Polly Weaver was born to organize. It began immediately, almost literally from birth.
When she was just 6-months old, her mother returned to work, leaving her in the kind and capable care of the family’s beloved housekeeper, Ms. Mary Franklin. From that day forward, under Mary’s watchful eye, Polly’s fascination with organization and her talent for tidiness was nurtured and refined. Together, with episodes of “General Hospital” playing in the background, Mary taught her the finer points of cleaning, organizing and personalizing a home.


As a student with a natural finesse for organizing, one of Polly’s earliest memories was the
day when she, at four years old, decided to surprise Mary by revealing to her that she had made
her bed, all by herself. Mary was both impressed and charmed by the gesture, which made it all the
more difficult when she reminded Polly that it was Wednesday and Wednesdays are sheet-changing day! Crestfallen, Polly implored Mary not to unmake the bed, just this once. But rules were rules.
Her first work of organizational art was undone. The lesson only strengthened her resolve to continue her quest for organizational excellence, even on Wednesdays! Since then, her bed has been made every morning – even during her high-school and college years.


Today, Polly and her team of expert organizers bring that same sense of resolve and dedication to every project CalmYourShelves tackles. Let them bring it to yours, too.

We're Certifiable!

In The Good Way!


Polly is a certified member in good standing of the National Association Of Productivity & Organizing Professionals. She is active in the Dallas/Ft. Worth chapter where she served as Director of Membership for the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 fiscal years. She also served as the Director of Business Partners for the 2020-2021 fiscal year. 

NAPO Logo.png
NAPO-DALLAS-FW-chapter-01 Translucent.png

Polly, In A Nutshell

Organizes her spice rack in alphabetical order
Sorts her clothes by color, then by sleeve- or pant length

Arranges her shoes by color, then by heel height
Has a passion for her family, her faith, her friends, kindness,
containers, dogs, tennis, and Chardonnay!

One Of Our Core Philosophies:

“You do not HAVE TO get rid of ANYTHING if you don’t want to”.
Let's sort it, organize it, then make decisions.

We Go Above & Beyond


Polly and her team are 100% committed to bending over backwards, forward, and sideways to ensure the best results.

calm yur shelves dk type.png
Meet Polly


"I've always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come." 

–– Michael Jordan ––

From Restless
To Refined
From Hazardous
To Harmonious
From Cluttered
Storage Closet Before.jpeg
To Composed
Storage Closet After.jpeg
From Mish-Mashed
Cabinet Before.jpeg
To Mix-Mastered
Cabinet After.jpeg
From Panicked
Pantry 2 Before.jpeg
To Pacified
Pantry 2 After.jpeg
From Raucous
Attic Before.jpeg
To Refreshed
Attic After.jpeg
From Confused
To Contented
From Sloppy
Screen Shot 2021-07-15 at 1.38.24 PM.png
To Sedate
Toy Closet After.jpeg


One of the most ecologically responsible ways to support the environment is through recycling, repurposing, or restoring no longer needed items. As a part of our organizing process, we will donate these treasures to let them bless someone else.


Fur Balls

Our best helpers come with family connections

Some of our most dedicated and diligent assistants have been our clients' four-legged family members. Here are just a few of them, on the job and hard at work!

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Fur Balls
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